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Algorand Ecosystem AMA with Bitpie Wallet

Algorand Ecosystem AMA with Bitpie Wallet
here it is AMA time! Introducing u/Chao Wang — COO Bitpie Wallet and u/Kong our ambassador from China! AMA Duration: 35 minutes Rounds: Team Round (first 20 min) and Community Round (last 15 min)
Chao Wang
Thx Daniel About myself, I heard bitcoin in 2013, started buying and a little bit mining by end of that year. And of course, I lose a lot of money during the market collapse in 2014–15, just like a lot of friends just suffered in the past weeks. Luckily, as a hodler, I didn’t sell any coin during bear market and most of those coins are still in my wallet until today. In 2017 I joined Bitpie. Prior to that, I have been in the traditional IT industry for more than a decade. During my 15-years career, I have worked for organizations including online service company, big data company and IT services company. Responsible for IT system, product R&D, business management and has been stationed in the United States to manage a series of project cooperate with IT giants such as Microsoft and Cisco. My last role before joining Bitpie was the general manager of a business division at one of largest IT service companies in China, managing the solution business related to new technologies such as cloud computing and AI, also got some chance to work with partner for business-oriented blockchain PoC projects. It is a tough time for everyone, it is my great honor to have the opportunity to meet and learn from you guys at this special moment.
Hi, all. I am Kong from Bitpie Wallet. Also ambassador of Algorand Beijing. I have been working for Bitpie since 2018 and now mainly in charge of marketing job. Tonight, Mr Wang chao will bring us his presentation and I will help answer questions if needed. Long for Bitpie and Algorand
Thanks a lot for sharing your introduction u/Chao Wang u/Kong! Seems you have been in the industry since a long while! Glad to have your experience and support for Algorand! Really appreciate Bitpie as a global partner of Algorand and you have also supported ASA these days. Could you tell us more about Bitpie Wallet and what do you think about the cooperation with Algorand?
Chao Wang
Bitpie is an industry-leading non-custody wallet with very high market penetration in Asia area. We have been focused on the blockchain wallet for more than six years. As a professional wallet service provider, we have 3 wallet products. Bitpie Wallet — a multi-chain wallet with DeFi and DApp portal along with a lot of other crypto-based scenarios. Bither Wallet, a recommended open-sourced bitcoin wallet. BitHD — an open-sourced multichain Hardware cold Wallet. Among 3 products, Bitpie is the most famous one. Our products helped millions of global users manage dozens of billions of US Dollars’ worth of cryptocurrencies in the past 6 years with 0 security accident. We are also very proud of being a contributor to the early blockchain community for we introduced a variety of novel technologies in the field of cryptology and security. The cooperation between Algorand and Bitpie began in 2018 when we met Professor Micali and Steven for the first time in Beijing. The conversation was very pleasant and soon determined willingness of both parties to cooperate. In 2019, with the launch of the Algorand mainnet, we have 360-degree cooperation with Algorand in technology, network, marketing and ecosystem support. With the launch of Algorand 2.0 and ASA assets, great innovations are emerging on Algorand blockchain. We are very happy to participate in this process and look forward to more cooperation in the future.
Thank you for the detailed introduction about Bitpie and your cooperation with Algorand! Do you have large market share for BTC, USDT or any other currencies in Asia?
Chao Wang
Yes, we are the most popular BTC wallet in Asia, and for stable currencies, we are probably the wallet with №1 volume in the world 🙂 I would like to say more about USDT.
Sure please go ahead!
Chao Wang
We all know Stable coin is extremely important for a public chain ecology. As a wallet operator, our experience in this area is direct, and we have observed a lot in the past when the stable currency market and the underlying public chain were constantly changing. Before the launch of Algorand USDT, we had several conversations with foundation and shared our understanding of this market. Each public chain has unique development route, and this route also determine the market development route of stable currency on that Chain. The application-oriented blockchain is still in a very early stage, now it is difficult to determine which direction is better and more likely to succeed. But no matter which route you take, one thing is for sure, which is to increase the usability as much as possible and help users reduce the barrier. This is the main reason why erc20 USDT can take most of the market share from omni USDT. Market promotion is also very important. If Algorand has some related plans in the future, Bitpie as the direct entry point to reach users, is very willing to provide help as much as we can.
Glad to see our goals align Chao 🙂 We wish to have Algorand- USDT as major value capture on Algo public chain! Really excited to explore more use-cases and co-marketing opportunities with you. While on the subject, I noticed you have DeFi and Dapp portal. As a leading wallet provider, what do you think is the future of wallets ? Is it DeFi, something else?
Chao Wang
Yes, DeFi and DApp are extremely important for wallet. But that not all we are aiming for. In the past, wallet is viewed as a tool that managed private keys to send and receive assets. With the emergence of various scenarios in the blockchain world, the functions integrated on the blockchain wallet today have far exceeded asset sending and receiving. Almost all major wallets on the market have integrated different forms of coin trade. Staking, voting, Borrowing & Lending functions have also been integrated into wallet. More wallets have even begun to support Dapp and DeFi based on different blockchain networks, thereby introducing more open scenarios. But we see that the users of the wallet are all users who already have crypto assets and already has some understanding of the blockchain. However, the proportion of such users in the entire society is very small, and currently there are few wallets or applications that can develop people who do not know the blockchain through their own scenarios. I think that will change in the future. There will be a variety of innovations constantly emerging, and some of them, although possibly a small part, will draw quite a lot of people from the general community to blockchain world. They are not typical crypto asset holders, and they do not understand what a blockchain is or what an oval algorithm is. In fact, they don’t need to understand. Both public chains and wallets will evolve, allowing ordinary users to enjoy the innovation brought to them by the blockchain without perception. At that time, the wallet, as a carrier of rights and on-chain identities, will be closely related to people’s daily lives. And the form of the wallet will be very different from now. For the simplest example, suppose a billion people have entered the world of blockchain. Can you imagine all one billion people are writing down mnemonic words like current wallet users? That’s not possible.
You make quite a few interesting points Chao. Mnemonic words is an interesting one as well! Since we are running low on time, my last question would be on Algorand itself. What are your thoughts about Algorand? 🙂
Chao Wang
I have worked in the IT service industry for many years. The clients I have dealt with involve various industries, finance, manufacturing, retail, transportation, government. My major business focus was to provide them with the underlying business support systems. This gives me some understanding of the fundamental supporting of commercial facilities. In these mature business ecosystems, there is a complete and meticulous industry chain collaboration. Some are responsible for basic technical/science innovations, and some are responsible for the implementation of the underlying platform based on these innovations. Some people use their technical capabilities to design solutions suitable for the industry, and some people apply these solutions to help them expand their business. In the end, no matter how many layers are passed, it is the consumers who pay for all of this. Of course, consumers also enjoy the convenience brought by technological development and industrial chain collaboration. Blockchain system will also play the role to support business. However, blockchain technology and ecology are still very early, such industrial collaboration cannot yet be formed. Some public chains have focused on faster and more direct 2C scenarios. This is understandable, but in my opinion, industrial collaboration will eventually come, and at that time, tens of millions of people will enjoy the beauty that blockchain technology brings to everyone. Compared with other public chains, Algorand’s path is very solid, and it is constantly laying the foundation, not only the technical foundation, but also the basis of industrial chain collaboration. This process may not be that fast, but I think it is all necessary.
Appreciate you sharing your thoughts Chao! We are really committed towards industrial collaboration. You summed it all up really well! I will be compiling a full blog-post and publishing it for those who couldn’t join the AMA u/here Community Round can start now! You can ask any questions that you have! This one would run for the next 15 minutes.
Chao Wang
Thanks Daniel!
Benjamin Lim
Really appreciate the time you guys are taking to have this AMA For Bitpie, which countries are most popular for using your wallet service? By the looks of it asia, but curious on where the majority of users are from? 😄
Chao Wang
As a team from China, users from China take the largest part. But our penetration in Southeast Asian countries is also very high. Some of our users are in China, our team are based on Hong Kong. We welcome and embrace regulation relate to wallet service. This is a must done thing before blockchain permeate everyone’s life.
Nate Hamilton
Will you be offering any kind of staking on the POS networks you support?
Chao Wang
Yes, we are providing Staking services for blockchains such as Cosmos and EOS .
Benjamin Lim
I suppose there’s interest in increasing the number of tokens that can be staked on your platform yep?
Chao Wang
Yes, everyone want to manage their asset in one wallet rather than install wallet for each blockchain network.
Benjamin Lim
You’re right .. Binance is quite fierce in adopting new staking servicestoo it must be a challenge to gain market share
does the wallet support other cryptocurrencies/erc20 tokens?
Chao Wang
Yes, we support 30+ blockchain network including BTC/ETH/Algorand. All ERC20 Tokens is supported.
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Binance DEX (decentralized exchange) could kill the dominance of Bitcoin BTC, since all transactions are done on-chain. This will expose the flaw in BTC's small block size limit, and cause BTC transaction fees to skyrocket.

Demo for Binance DEX (decentralized exchange):
Currently, everyone holds Bitcoin BTC as their reserve trading currency.
That's because:
  1. BTC has legacy status as the default trading pair.
  2. Trading costs at traditional crypto exchanges are the same, regardless of cryptocurrency. Ex: Binance trading fee is 0.1%, regardless of coin. That's because transactions are done off-chain.
But we've all known the flaw in traditional crypto exchanges: if the exchange collapses or disappears, you lose all your coins, since you don't have any seed words or private keys.
With a DEX, you hold your seed words & private keys. If the exchange collapses or disappears, you should still be able to access your coins on the respective blockchains.
If DEX exchanges take off, that could be a fatal blow to Bitcoin BTC's legacy status as a reserve trading currency.
That's because:
  1. Bitcoin BTC's on-chain transaction costs are 20-200 times more expensive than for other cryptocurrencies (like BCH, LTC, DASH).
  2. Bitcoin BTC has a small block size limit, and can't scale on-chain, so as DEX trading volume increases, Bitcoin BTC's mempool & transaction costs will skyrocket, making it unusable.
RESULT: If decentralized exchanges - like Binance DEX - become popular, Bitcoin BTC on-chain transaction fees will become ridiculously expensive, and people will start looking for a new default cryptocurrency to hold / trade / spend. It will be the end of Bitcoin BTC dominance.
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Your Weekly /r/ethtrader Recap

Sunday, June 30 - Saturday, July 06
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Moratorium on Libra ordered by US government. Libra seen as a rival monetary system to the USD. 424 164 comments
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If you would like this roundup sent to your inbox every day send me a message with the subject 'ethtrader'. Or if you only want a weekly roundup, use the subject 'ethtrader weekly'
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You can also do 'set ethtrader weekly' And you can replace ethtrader with any subreddit.
See my wiki to learn more: click here
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БлокШоу Азия 2019 November 14 - November 15

Блокшоу продолжает играть значительную роль в объединении выдающихся блокчейн-стартапов с инвесторами. Стартапам уже удалось собрать более миллиарда долларов. Каждая пятая компания заключает сделку на этих мероприятиях. В прошлом году мероприятия БлокШоу проходили в Азии, Америке и Европе. В предыдущие два года встречи проводились в различных городах мира, таких как Лондон, Париж, Рим, Барселона, Шанхай, Тайбэй, Нью-Дели и других.
По мере того как все больше людей пытаются найти различные способы применения блокчейна, популярность и спрос на конференции по технологии продолжают расти. В этой сфере каждый день возникает огромное количество стартапов, поэтому инвесторы с нетерпением ищут информацию, которая поможет им принимать обоснованные решения. БлокШоу Азия 2019 станет одним из важных событий, позволяющих людям обсудить и узнать больше о блокчейне и связанных с ним технологиях.

Основные докладчики

Главными спикерами во время БлокШоу Азия 2019 станут известные люди в криптовалютном, блокчейн и других сферах. Некоторые из этих лиц включают:
Тед Лин – Binance (Главный Директор По Росту)
Джехан Чу – соучредитель и управляющий партнер Kenetic и соучредитель Social Alpha Foundation (SAF)
Майк Каямори -QUOINE (соучредитель и генеральный директор)
Ричард Ванг – DFJDragon Fund/DraperDragon Fund (партнер) и венчурный капиталист.
Мэттью Тан – Etherscan (генеральный директор и основатель)
Организаторы все еще принимают заявки на спикеров. Те, кто хочет стать спикером на этом мероприятии, должны подать заявку, указав свои имена, названия компаний, электронные адреса и веб-сайты компаний.

Почему стоит посетить

Стартапы, инвесторы и все участники БлокШоу Азия 2019 получат следующие преимущества:
Участники получат возможность контактировать и взаимодействовать с частными или государственными органами по блокчейну и смежным технологиям. БлокШоу Азия 2019 позволит участниками и известным людям в отрасли и государственным учреждениям взаимодействовать напрямую .
Стартапы получат возможность встретиться с потенциальными инвесторами. Помимо представления своего бизнеса, впечатляющие стартапы также получат возможность воспользоваться финансовой поддержкой. Однако, чтобы иметь больше шансов найти инвесторов, проекты должны быть “верхнего эшелона”.
Блокчейн остается одной из самых перспективных отраслей для инвесторов. С тысячами блокчейн-стартапов, появляющихся каждый день, БлокШоу предоставит инвесторам отличную возможность встретиться с некоторыми из самых перспективных стартапов в этой сфере.
Не смотря на большое количество стендов для стартапов в БлокШоу инвесторы получат возможность взаимодействовать с людьми, стоящими за этими проектами. BlockShow Networking App поможет инвесторам легко идентифицировать проекты, которые их интересуют, тем самым экономя их время.

Партнеры БлокШоу Азия 2019

БлокШоу Азия 2019 станет реальностью благодаря партнерству с ценными компаниями, такими как Cointelegraph, Long Hash, Blockchain Founders Fund, Genesis Block и Entersoft. Среди других важных партнеров – Bitcoin Malaysia, Infinity Blockchain Ventures и Сингапурский университет социальных наук.

Медиа друзья

Различные печатные и Интернет медиа-компании уже подтверждены в качестве партнеров. Нет необходимости говорить, конечно это , затем Daily Hodl, BTC Manager, Coiniran, ICOHOLDER, и Blockonomi. Другие включают BTC News, Cointime, Medium Fork, CryptoChain и т. д.
Если вы ищете, где побывать в ноябре, БлокШоу Азия 2019 – это идеальный выбор. Помимо незабываемых вечеринок, на мероприятии также будут представлены лучшие спикеры, освещающие горячие темы.


START:November 14 END:November 15 EVENT CATEGORY:крипто мероприятия


Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre10 Bayfront Ave Singapore, 018971 WEBSITE:
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Binance Delistings, XRPL 1.2, Exchange Hack, GRIN Support And NYSE Bitcoin ETF Open a Binance US Bitcoin Trading Account - YouTube HUUGE CRYPTO NEWS  Bitcoin Halving 2020, Cardano, Tezos, Binance,, Vechain, Telos, Hive DIE $16000 USD BITCOIN PROGNOSE VON BINANCE Binance Tutorial deutsch - Anleitung zum Kaufen und ... Bitcoin Kurs - Was ist mit Bakkt?  Binance vor Einbruch?  Libra Game Over?  GRAM Kaufen Brave, Binance, Ethereum 2.0, Bitcoin, Samsung Pay, XRP - NewsFlash Binance 'dan Bitcoin Satıp Türk Lirası TL olarak Çekme ... Bitcoin Decoupling, Binance Jersey, ETH 2.0 Weeks Away ... KW 37: Bitcoin Kaufen mit 90% Rabatt?  Crypto Winter 2.0?  Ripple & XRP  Binance US  Libra

Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance Hacked, $40M In Bitcoin Stolen. Link/Page Citation Chinese global cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, reported the theft of 7,000 bitcoins worth more than $40 million on Tuesday. Based in Malta, Binance is considered the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of trading volume. It had a market capitalization of $1.3 billion in January 2018. ... Binance Coin $ 16.36 1.1%. EOS $ 2.52 0.16%. Tezos $ 2.72 0.87%. Alle Kurse. Bitcoin-Kurs sinkt – Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH) ziehen nach . Startseite; Aktuelle Artikel im Überblick; Invest; Märkte; Bitcoin-Kurs sinkt – Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH) ziehen nach . von Phillip Horch. Am 11. Juli 2019 · Lesezeit: 3 Minuten. Phillip Horch. Phillip Horch ist Chef vom Dienst von BTC-ECHO und ... Binance Coin $ 17.82 4.15%. EOS $ 2.81 4.82%. Cardano $ 0.081201 6.8%. Alle Kurse. Altcoins: IOTA, Qtum, Dash und Bytecoin lassen Federn . Startseite; Aktuelle Artikel im Überblick; Krypto; Altcoins; Altcoins: IOTA, Qtum, Dash und Bytecoin lassen Federn . von Peter Hermann. Am 20. Juni 2018 30. Juni 2019 · Lesezeit: 2 Minuten. Peter Hermann. Peter Hermann ist langjähriger ... (Bitcoin Embassy) – brak informacji o maksymalnej kwocie transakcji. Koszty transakcji. Prowizje uzależnione są od firm, które będą obsługiwać nasze transakcje. Bitcoin Embassy. Brak szczegółowych informacji. Kursy kupna i sprzedaży udostępnione są na stronie FlyingAtom: 3% przy kwocie powyżej 5000 ... Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, Ethereum - price, reward, difficulty, hashrate, market capitalization, block time, blocks count Bitcoin recently hit a price of $7k, continued bullish return after the steady price hikes that punctuated what has been called “The Summer of Bitcoin”.There have been many stories about fortunes won, lost, and missed, for example the guy who took a massive loan out to invest and trebled his investment quickly, the guy who lost a hard-drive worth a lot of money in a rubbish heap, or the ... South Korea's National Assembly finally passed a bill that provides a framework for the regulation of cryptocurrencies and exchanges. Crypto service providers will be required to use the real-name ... Das kann bei Bitcoin auch der Fall sein, aber es ist einfach irrational und tatsächlich durch nichts mehr „gedeckt“, denn „neues Geld“ kann es ja nicht mehr sein… DerJoe // 23. Mai 2020 um 21:47 // klar, die IF muss liefern und zwar etwas was einen Mehrwert bietet zu vorhandenen Lösungen, Zeitansatz max. 1-2 Jahre, denke darauf können wir uns einigen, sonst ist Schicht im Schacht ... 2c) Binance was running out of USDT because everyone in the world had maxed out open leveraged positions And with all these signs, something had to happen - to be honest, I didn't foresee a drop this far ....But so many were so excited about $11k they didn't see the forest through the trees and was convinced the past movements would not define future movements. ..Thirdly... Whale opportunity.. Here are all available options for the latest miner version – 4.2c. Ethash – Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, MOAC, ... Bitcoin Interest (BCI). Ubqhash – Ubiq. PhoenixMiner Requirements. The miner works with two major GPU brands. AMD – Vega, 580, 570, 560, 480, 470, 460, 390, 290 and older models with enough VRAM. Nvidia – 2080 ti, 2080, 2070, 2060, 1080 ti, 1080, 1070 ti, 1070, 1060 ...

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Binance Delistings, XRPL 1.2, Exchange Hack, GRIN Support And NYSE Bitcoin ETF

Bitcoin Halving 2020 in 15 days, Daedalus 1.0 Released by Cardano ADA, Truffle Teams Up With Tezos ZTX, Binance Chain Adds Ontology ONT pegged Assets, Withdraw on USD, Vechain VET ... Support Me On Patreon! ----- Protect And Sto... Bitcoin Kurs - Was ist mit Bakkt? BNB Coin vor Einbruch? Libra Game Over? GRAM Kaufen 0:48 - Kurs & Markt Update 2:55 - Bitcoin Kurs - Wo geht die Reise hin? 7:26 - Binance Coin BNB vor ... NEW CHANNEL: also play video games! DIE $16000 USD BITCOIN PROGNOSE VON BINANCE AllgemeineTuts. Loading... Unsubscribe from AllgemeineTuts? ... Bitcoin 2 Stunden ohne Blöcke Bitcoin Kurs 90.000 USD? Bärenmarkt oder Altcoin ... Binance Üye Olurken %5 referans ödülü kazanacağınız link : Yukarıdaki link sadece siz değerli izleyicilerime... #bitcoin #brave #binance W dzisiejszym odcinku wiadomości ze świata kryptowalut i technologii blockchain o tym jak Vitalik Buterin określił maksymalną ilość Ethereum jaka będzie pojawiać ... 👨‍💻 SET UP A BINANCE US ACCOUNT 👩‍💻 Invite a friend to get $15! Get $15 when you complete $100 in trading volume ... Binance Tutorial deutsch In diesem Video erfährst du wie man auf der Plattform Binance Kryptowährungen handeln kann und gegen Bitcoins kaufen und verkaufen k... KW 37: Bitcoin Kaufen mit 90% Rabatt? Crypto Winter 2.0? Ripple & XRP Binance US Libra 1:30 - Crypto Markt & Kurs Update 3:36 - Bitcoin Update & Kurs Analyse: Rauf oder runter ...